Welcome to the War Commander

Welcome to the RogueTech Online, the asynchronous multiplayer map for RogueTech.

From here you can view stats for the various factions, see who controls the myriad of star systems within the Inner Sphere, view information on current events and learn how the system works.

Get RogueTech

RogueTech can be found on Nexus Mods. RogueTech Online is an exclusive part of RogueTech.

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Need Support

RogueTech's primary discord server is where you can file tickets and get support with bugs or crashes. You can also chat with fellow RT players, share builds and ask for advice.

Note: This is the only place where the RT crew will offer support.
RT Discord

RogueWar Chat

RogueTech Online has a dedicated discord where you can gather with fellow players of your factions and be notified of new online events as they go live.

RogueWar Discord

Praise the Wiki

RogueTech has a general Wiki full of helpful information. If you need to know how something works, or information that isn't here, try the wiki.


Support RogueTech

The RT crew do not expect to receive any compensation for our work. However if you would like to help keep our over-worked support staff caffeinated or the Urbie factories running you can donate here.